The 2030 Agenda and the SDGs. Sustainable Development and Education

The objective of the course is to train teachers, trainers and educational staff in effective actions to contribute to sustainability from businesses, organizations and educational environments...

Benefits of Physical and Sporting Activities in Educational Environments

The objective of the course is to train teachers, trainers and educational staff, in the effective management of existing sports resources applied to education. The course will teach the participants the professional, educational and...

Robotics for Educators

“Educational Robotics allow active involvement in learning processes related to scientific literacy, enhancing research skills, problem-solving, creativity... All this process, break down the barriers between multiple thoughts and structured…

Strategies for Safe Internet use in the Classroom

“The Internet has drastically changed the way people interact with the world. They have access to in-depth knowledge, tools to express their creativity, and people from all over the world. Yet along with offering a fascinating, new way to…

Learning and Teaching in Social Media Networks

“Social networks are one of the most important and useful communication tools in this era, teachers need to learn how to use them correctly in an educational environment in order to engage and motivate students in their classes.”

Safety and Security on the Internet for Teachers

“Once we are aware of the possibilities that the Internet brings, it's essential to learn about the dangers of the internet and how to prevent issues like cyberbullying and overexposing by understanding the principles of safety and priva…

European Opportunities for Digital Schools

“Educative European programmes are not known for everyone, but they are an excellent means to create networking and to develop new KA1 projects to promote learning mobilities of the educational staff.”

Flipped Classroom Methodology

“Engage your students with lectures or other materials outside of class to prepare for an active learning experience in the classroom”

Creation of Educational Video Games

“Programming is not an exclusive tool for engineers anymore! Learn how a computer program works and how to create them with your students using visual coding.”

Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Educational Organizations Valuing Eco-environmental and Social Dimensions of Development

“The future necessarily involves attending to sustainability, in its social, economic and environmental perspective, as a way for the guarantor and the prioritization of human rights and the improvement of development environments.”

Tools Supporting Educational Innovation

“Make the innovation processes in your environment efficient and become in tangible changes for the better, knowing tools and resources for their optimization.”

Collaborative Work in Education to have a Successful Entrepreneurial Experience

“Communication is the basis of a quality educational process. Alliances must be built based on criteria that keep the student at the centre, and the main focus of their training. However, it is necessary that this process is carried out in…

Facing Future Challenges in Education in The Digital Age

“Currently, adaptation is essential, changes are necessary, but it is more important to be prepared for them, to grow efficiently, responsibly and effectively. You’ll be able to promote entrepreneurship competence, understood as a transversal…

Multimedia Publishing in Education

“Getting to an audio-visual world with the skills to author your own multimedia content. Learn how to publish it online and promote it”

Creating Educational Blogs and websites with WordPress

“Wordpress is an online platform that can be used with educational purposes and as a support tool for classes, one of its possibilities is an Edublog, which is very useful to reflect, collaborate, provide content and engage in higher-order…

Virtual Campus The E-Learning System

“With education taking the necessary steps towards digitalization, understanding the advantages of creating an educative online campus formed by teachers, students and staff alike is crucial to the healthy development of the educative co…

Collaborative Tools for Teamwork

"Bring your team together with latest technologies for collaborative and remote work. Improve the quality of partnerships in your organization by using real-time cloud-based office and communication tools. Involvement shouldn’t be understood…