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Inercia Digital (OID: E10145080) is an experienced training centre offering a variety of Staff Mobility training courses that have been especially designed to meet the needs of teachers, trainers and educational staff of European schools and educational adult centres. Our training courses have been specifically crafted to boost digitalisation by improving digital and entrepreneurial skills in education.

At Inercia Digital, we strive for innovation in education from a digital perspective. That is  why we offer a selection of certified Erasmus+ KA1 Learning Mobility courses that focus on boosting participants’ digital and entrepreneurial skills. Our courses are scheduled throughout the academic year with flexible dates. If your organisation doesn’t have an approved Erasmus+ KA1 Staff Mobility training course we can help you get the funding you need to participate in our courses.

Inercia Digital’s large selection of courses have been especially designed to boost the digital and entrepreneurial skills of teachers, trainers and administrative staff in schools and adult education centres. 

Courses are held in one of Europe’s most beautiful coastal cities with the highest number of sunlight hours in Spain.

Inercia Digital develops all its courses, based on the DigComp 2.1 conceptual reference model, on the European Reference Framework of Digitally Competent Educational Organization (DigCompOrg) and the European Framework of Digital Competence of Educators (DigCompEdu). Both frameworks are proposed by the European Commission and the Directorate General for Education and Culture (DG EAC).

Likewise, the design and implementation of our training actions is based on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) as a common frame of reference in the European field for their comparison and transferability.

Furthermore, as a training center for specialized in adult education , we comply with the COUNCIL RECOMMENDATION of 22 May 2018 on key competences for lifelong learning (Official Journal of the European Union, 2018).

Come and get acquainted with one of the most beautiful places in Costa de la Luz! The spectacular beach of El Rompido has been ranked Europe’s second best beach according to The Guardian.

Soak up its culture, its relaxed vibe and its sunny weather. After improving your digital skills, you may walk along its sandy beaches, explore its Natural Park, and take in the most glorious sunsets!

If you are interested in enrolling in one of our digital or entrepreneurial school courses, please preregister in this form: Application Form and we will contact you ASAP!

Digital School “Boost your digital skills”

This is a training programme with a series of courses developed by Inercia Digital as Erasmus+ Staff Mobility training courses to improve and increase the digital competences of European teachers, trainers and staff at adult education centres and schools. Our Digital School courses are based on the DigComp 2.1 conceptual reference model, on the European Reference Framework of Digitally Competent Educational Organization (DigCompOrg) and the European Framework of Digital Competence of Educators (DigCompEdu).

Access to the basic information of the courses

As it’s said in the Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions on the Digital Education Action Plan (2018):

“Europe’s digital transformation will accelerate with the rapid advance of new technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud computing and blockchain. Like previous major technological advances, digitisation affects how people live, interact, study and work. Some jobs will disappear, others will be replaced, new jobs will be created, many jobs and industries will be transformed and new activities will emerge. This makes investing in one’s digital skills throughout life of the utmost importance” (p. 1-2)

Entrepreneurial School: “Educating for the future”

In digital transformation processes, as in any other change, tools, resources and skills of and for innovation are required. That is why, Inercia Digital, as a result of the Digital School programme, designed the new Entrepreneurial School.

This is a new training programme with  four specific courses developed by Inercia Digital as Erasmus+ Staff Mobility training courses to boost digitalisation in educational centres by improving both digital and entrepreneurial skills thus jointly preparing teachers and students to face future challenges in the digital age

These courses are based on EntreComp, a European reference framework that establishes the importance of entrepreneurship and taking initiative in today’s labour market. With Inercia Digital ́s entrepreneurial school courses, educators will acquire the competences necessary to help instill in their students an entrepreneurial spirit in today’s increasingly digital world while helping them develop entrepreneurial and digital skills and in turn better prepare them to face the world’s economic, social and cultural challenges through a sustainable perspective.

Access to the basic information of the courses

Each of our training courses lasts 5 days and our Learning Mobilities are taught in Aljaraque and in El Rompido (Huelva, Andalusia, Spain). Inercia Digital is implementing the ISO 29990:2010 – Learning services for non-formal education and training – to offer better and continuously improved learning experiences in every course and training session. 

Thanks to the Erasmus+ KA202 INTEMIS project (2016-1- IT01- KA202-005354), we have implemented the flipped classroom and blended learning (based on non-formal learning and a learning-by-doing approach), that reverses the traditional learning environment by delivering instructional content, often online, outside of the classroom  so  all of our training courses have a section about e-learning to boost your team’s digital competences.

Click here to see our Calendar with all our confirmed Erasmus+ staff mobility training courses for 2020 and 2021 or download our course catalogue here.

The possibilities of access to our training are based on two methods of implementation and financing:

Inercia Digital is positioned at the European level, as a partner center, or training provider in mobility projects of the Erasmus+ KA1 programme, with extensive experience in the generation of quality and high-impact projects, aimed at increasing the level of both digital and entrepreneurial skills of teachers, trainers and other educational staff, of European schools and adult education centers.

  • If you would like to coordinate a KA1 project, don’t hesitate to let us know! Our team, expert in this field, will write a quality project for you, completely free of charge, so that you can further guarantee that it is approved! Fill this short form, and we will contact you as soon as possible.
  • If you have an approved KA1 mobility project, and you are looking for a training provider that will help you multiply its impact, do not hesitate to review our course catalogue and register in this form.

If you prefer, you have the possibility of carrying out our courses independently, check the available dates and our courses fees.

The fee for our courses, in face to face modality, is € 80/day per participant, with the courses lasting five days. This fee also covers the entire development of the organizational and accreditation process of the training.

There is the possibility of attending our courses online, the price of the course would be € 20 / day per participant, having the same duration of thirty-five hours. This modality allows greater individualization of the learning process, while it is possible to adapt the schedule to the possibilities and needs of the participants. Likewise, personalized attention is guaranteed through individual tutoring strategies for the best achievement of the learning outcomes.

Since our intention is to generate effective change processes, to have real significance in your professional environment, after the end of the course you will have one month of unlimited access to the training platform, where you can consult all the content of the course, to facilitate the application of the learning acquired during its development. Also, in this period, you’ll also have the possibility of direct contact with the guiding team, for the resolution of doubts or problems that can arise after the training.

If you would like to attend our courses fill this short form or, if you prefer, please contact our Training Department Team, and they will recommend the best option for you, based on your training needs, your professional environment and your individual conditions.

  • Course and tuitions fee 
  • Training course and materials
  • Diploma of Successful Completion*
  • Attendance Certificate
  • Welcome dinner
  • Administration/communication 
  • Logistic organization of seminars
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Cultural information
  • Local good practices: visiting day
  • Equipment and materials/tools
  • Evaluation
  • Tutoring and mentoring of participants 
  • Monitoring
  • Dissemination  and exploitation of  results 
  • Signing of  Europass mobility documents
  • Accommodation and meals*

Inercia Digital will issue a Diploma of Successful Completion* only for those participants who have shown a proper attitude, work progress and optimal learning results. From the beginning, Inercia Digital will make clear that this diploma will only be given to those that comply with the three evaluation criteria in order to motivate participants and state clearly that the training is to be taken in a high-profile professional manner.

Moreover, The Attendance Certificate will be elaborated by the training provider, Inercia Digital, in order to prove the participation and success of the attendees.

Inercia Digital will be in charge of managing accommodation and meals*  during the participants’ stay in Spain, so they will only have to worry about transportation, as long as the partners involved work under the parameters specified in the “Internal Agreement”, where the roles of each of the partner entities are indicated. This document can be requested to our training team in the previous months to the date established for the selected course.

Whether you require a full service starting from your arrival in Andalusia, Spain until the day you return home including accommodation, meals, and cultural visits just let us know and we will arrange everything for you with the highest quality and your particular interests in mind!

Remember that Inercia Digital also offers the possibility of creating new specific training courses for you, your group, needs and environment Get in touch with our Training Department, and our team will guide you in this process!

What Our Students Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it, let our past students do the talking!

“The training in Spain I have participated was an ideal preparation to the new academic year. I am a teacher in high school, so I know how important is a good organisation of the work during lesson. The tools, which I have mastered is so helpful in management the plan of action. Specific platforms and applications assist in my daily work with students. I use it to do some tasks for them. It is so useful to prepare some short tests and quizzes, which is kind of verification the acquired knowledge during lesson. Innovative, learning methods arouse interests among students, they’re so willing to take part in lessons.”

“I participated in two courses “Collaborative Tools for Teamwork ” and “Virtual Campus The E-Learning System”. Both courses were very professional. I learned how to use digital tools in my everyday work at school. I started using new technology and my students just love it. It makes my work easier and more interesting for the students.”

“We had a week on Creation of Educational Videogames. The course was built up very good. We learned a lot about the country and met many great people. Thank you!”

“I had a week on Multimedia Publishing in Education. The course content and built/up were very good. Extra cultural activities perfect. I’ve meet great people and also learned about the country. Thank you Inercia Digital.”

“I like the open approach, the way the trainers are ready to help the participants and are very patient. I am also very glad to be able to get to know about the use of Moodle platform, eXelearning, UDUNTU, SCORM and Kahoot.”

“It ́s added a lot of content to my studies. I had a learningful week based on teamwork in a multicultural environment plus I’ve developed personal skills when it is referred to understanding, problem solving and communications abilities.

Beyond all these factors I’ve met great people and made friends. Thank you to Inercia Digital and all participants.”

Click here if you want to know more about  the results of the courses that we have already trained, that guarantee the quality of our processes!