Development of international educational projects to drive innovation and promote digital skills

Inercia Digital (ID E10145080) continuously strives to be an active participant in the development of international innovative projects to promote digital skills. Inercia Digital has participated in more than 60 European projects promoting digital innovation (Erasmus+, Lifelong Learning Programme, Tempus, Interreg and CYTED).

Our areas of expertise as partners include:

  • Innovation

    In digital and entrepreneurial skills for education.

  • ICT components creation

    Website creation and management, apps, creation of virtual platforms for education institutions and training providers.

  • Implementation

    Of e-learning platforms: Learning Management Systems (LMS). database, etc.

  • Creation

    Of training materials, digital resources, innovative ways of teaching, etc.

  • Training

    In digital and entrepreneurial skills, use of web tools, e-learning and remote collaborative work.

Thanks to our qualified and skillful personnel, our extensive experience in project management and our training facilities, Inercia Digital is proud to  offer its highly specialised services as European project consultants. We offer our knowledge and experience  to potential project partners so that we can bring our expertise to a variety of European projects.

If you are interested in our services in INNOVATION or CONSULTING please drop us an email at or  filling in our registration form.