Creation of Educational Video Games (DS42018)


“Programming is not an exclusive tool for engineers anymore! Learn how a computer program works and how to create them with your students using visual coding.”

Objective of the Course: The main objective of the course is to help educational staff, students and teachers understand the fundamental ideas about computers and programming, and develop some basic problem-solving and project design skills. It will also help teachers to integrate basic programming instruments into their educational process in order to increase the students’ versatility when it comes to creative ways in which they can approach real-life problems.


35 hours (5 days).


  • To learn the concept of programming.
  • To know the educative use and values of creating applications.
  • To solve real problems by coding.
  • To promote ICT teaching to boost its learning in the educational system.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will learn the fundamental principles of coding and how it can be used in the educational process,
  • Participants will be familiarized with the Scratch Development Environment,
  • Participants will learn how to create video games in an easy way in order to make coding an interesting activity for their students,
  • Participants will be able to integrate digital tools into daily work.