Collaborative Work in Education to have a Successful Entrepreneurial Experience (ES22020)


“Communication is the basis of a quality educational process. Alliances must be built based on criteria that keep the student at the centre, and the main focus of their training. However, it is necessary that this process is carried out in a unified way among all related agents.”

Objective of the Course: The objective of the course is, first, to develop partnerships among educational community’ members; and then build ties between the educational system and other areas of people’s development (society, culture, economy, work and employment…) to promote entrepreneurship competence, understood as a transversal competence necessary to promote personal autonomy.


35 hours (5 days).


  • To understand the concept of cloud entrepreneurship and its value in all spheres of life.
  • To join the school with other areas of development, promoting their entrepreneurship by using educational methodologies as APS (Learning Service).
  • To contextualize education and labour processes.
  • To stay focused and don’t give up, even in a VUCA environment.
  • To promote ICT teaching to boost the learning in the educational system.
  • To use those tools on a daily basis.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will be able to use their knowledge and understanding of the context to make opportunities to create value.
  • Participants will manage plans guiding their team’s choices while developing their value-creating activity.
  • Participants will know how to communicate their actions (objectives, vision, potential ideas...) both to their teamwork and external groups, to inspire and persuade them.
  • Participants will identify and manage challenges related to the contrasting needs of different stakeholders.
  • Participants will be able to add entrepreneurial tools into daily work.