Project info

  • IP4J

    Innovative and Practical training for low-skilled and migrants Jobs

  • 2020-1-DE02-KA202-007465

  • 01/12/2020 - 30/11/2022

Project info

  • erasmusplus

  • Action ka202

  • Call 2020

  • CEN

Project Description:

IP4J project would like to develop, test and introduce a brand-new approach to the work-based learning for low-skilled and migrants starting from the career orientation/guidance and providing practical VISUAL training tools (booklet, videos, APP) for jobs in demand on the market.

The proposal is based on the introduction of creative and novel ways for the initial and continuous VET thanks to the intensive use of ICT in order to stimulate the accessibility to the training materials for a vocational system and to increase the occupational chances.

It is about the development of some innovative tools ready to be used by VET providers and trainers dealing with low-skilled and migrant students.

The project idea is coming from another Erasmus+ VET project Innovation in VET for Jobs and Employment (IV4J) named as “Good Practice” by the German National Agency and involving the coordinator and the Italian partner. During this project, it came out the evidence of a strong need to use practical training tools such as videos and visual Open Educational Resources.