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  • How to help the unemployed entrants with talent support

    How to help the unemployed entrants with talent support

  • 2016-1-HU02-KA105-001468

  • 01/06/2016 - 30/11/2016

Project info

  • erasmusplus

  • Action ka105

  • Call 2016

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Project Description:

The most urgent challenge of the European Union to help the entrants and the young people to step into labor market, and reduction of the unemployed people’s number. As the statistics show, the low-educated people are disadvantaging in the job searching, but nowadays the high qualification is not a guarantee, because significantly increased the number of the graduateunemployed young people mostly since the 2008 Economic Recession.The key of the successful finding job – besides suitable qualification – is competencies like social and problem solving competencies, creativity, etc. The self-employment can be a solution for many young people which needs finding new, innovative ways.The unemployed status forces the carrier-recalculation, because this status shows that maybe he/she has not got the suitable qualification or competencies.It means that any young people can face to reorganize his/her skills, and needs to use other way his/her competencies for unfolding his/her hidden internal possibilities and to become useful for the society in the labor market. Often mostly the disadvantaged teenagers was not able to reach the maximum of their potential, they would do more, but the traditional pedagogical methods and the school settings did not help for their unfolding, the support of their talents.For these reasons, we realized the importance of the early-adult talent survey and talent support, because in this way the late-start and re-start people get an opportunity to discover and improve their unknown skills . Therefore the team of the Foundation worked out the methodology of the talent support of young adults.During this project we hold a seven day training course for ten organizations. We called organizes which work with disadvantaged young people improving their opportunities (the most organizations’ location are disadvantaged region where the unemployment rate is high), and they have organized non-formal trainings for young unemployed people. So these partners have wide experiences on the field of training unemployed people and they can use the new skills for creating opportunities, and can share the new skills with other organizations.The expected results of this project are to involve unemployed young adults into these talent-support programs, trainings, and in this way many of them can enter into the labor market. To share the methodology of talent-support with other organizations, and popularize the non-formal education.


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