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  • ABA – our new view in special education

    ABA - our new view in special education

  • 2016-1-LT01-KA201-023166

  • 01/10/2016 - 30/11/2018

Project info

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Project Description:

The elements of ABA science can be used not only in children with autism education, but also wide applicability in working with children with mental retardation, with social, emotional and behavioral disorder as it’s very important in children with disorders education. ABA principles-based therapies and interventions are most effective to improve people with autism’s quality of life, teaching them skills to adapt to the environment and everyday life in society. Whereas in Lithuania can be provided private ABA therapy and only in the cities. By implementing our project were realised – there are some teachers, help specialist, some kindergartens of their own interest applying ABA science elements in educational process.
Similar situation in partners countries – possibilities of ABA science elements use are no less relevant and possibilities to get such kind help is no less complicated. Realizing the importance of ABA science and application possibilities pre-school, school education, were organized trainings in Lithuania and Turkey, to get more qualified teachers in organizations by applying ABA science elements. Were strengthened experience in national and international level.
Therefore, internationalization helped to share the experiences, to acquire much needed skills of professionals work and the development of services provided amplitude. ICT tools ensured best dissemination results and make possibility to get experience, to rise personal qualification skills using Moodle tool.
Were reached project purpose “to enable ABA therapy use in education system, involving national and international experience” and objectives:
1. To realize opportunities and possibilities for ABA training at schools in partners countries.
2. To create ABA training programme and adapt it with ICT use.
3. To get practical experience in ABA trainings.
Main implemented activities:
– intellectual outputs – conducted comparative study “Education staff opportunities for ABA integration in Schools” and created program “ABA-ONV ins Today’s School” adapted in Moodle system.
– Organized 2 training. On training, held in Lithuania participated 29 partners participants and 16 members from coordinator’s organization. On training, held in Turkey, participated 17 from partners organizations and 6 – from hosting partner.
– Implemented Multiplier dissemination events: 5 local events in Lithuania, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Bulgaria (total number of participants -230), 1 transnational event in Italy – 67 participants.
The direct beneficiaries of project were: schools staff: ABA-ONV is addressed to school’s (all levels) staff interested to improve their competences in order to provide better activities for their beneficiaries. Schools: ABA-ONV wants to involve schools in order to foster and improve the activities of training in the use of ICT tools for ABA science elements in organization. Other stakeholders: other kind of education provider: any education provider (individual specialists, education centers, etc.) were presented about created program in moodle system and possibilities to use like Open Research and to login.
Dissemination events were addressed to provide project idea, got experience on trainings and results of created products.
Impact for beneficiaries:
Provided benefit for participants, participating Organisations/Schools; target groups and other relevant stakeholders; effects on parents, children with SME. Impact in transnational level – led information about ABA science elements and communication technology (ICT) based services for education.- Improved e-learning system oriented to the end-user in partner countries.- Assure transfer of best practice among EU organisations .- Empower stakeholders on effective accessibility and technologies helping to create and improve the understanding of e-learning on Moodle.


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