Project info

  • 3D Digital VET

    3D Digital VET

  • 2020-1-IT01-KA226-VET-009077

  • 01/03/2021 - 31/08/2022

Project info

  • erasmusplus

  • Action ka226

  • Call 2020

  • CEN

Project Description:

The greater impact will be at European/international level
*Through the development of a short training course for health professionals that addresses the difficulties of introducing evidence and clinical guidelines into routine daily practice that
are supposed to enhance provision of care. By providing a training curriculum that can facilitate the implementation of 3D medical library, 3D models, 3D printing and related
technologies in routine daily practice in healthcare settings addresses this skill shortage. This will result in:
– Service provision for the affected patients will be enhanced in the short & longer term.
– Since the training course will be brief, it will be economically viable to implement it on a broad scale across Europe and Internationally.
A number of dissemination and exploitation activities, tools and channels will be employed organically, that is, in a way in which their effectiveness is exploited to the greatest possible

1) Project branding at the beginning of the project, INERCIA DIGITAL together with the rest of the partners will develop the project’s distinctive visual identity. This includes the project’s
logo and the colour scheme to be used on the various dissemination tools (website, templates etc.)
2) Communication templates MS Word and Power Point templates will be developed for internal and external communication. These include a word template for the deliverables and
outputs, a letterhead for external communication, a power point for internal and external project presentations.
3) Project Website The project website will be a key dissemination channel, enabling wide dissemination of the results and information about the project. All public outputs resulting
from the project work will be made available on the website.Project results will be shared by publishing them by the partners and projects websites and on educational portals. With free distribution to educational sites, along with dissemination activities, academics, trainers, students from all over the country, all individuals related to the subject from our regions can find the benefits and use them in their works. Associated partners will support these activities.