Project info

  • H. Geniuses

    Hidden Geniuses

  • 01/04/2023 - 31/05/2024

Project info

  • erasmusplus

  • Action Ka210

  • Call 2022

  • CEN

Project Description:

The main objective of this project is to help disadvantaged young people and reveal potential geniuses. We believe that there are some hidden treasures that are waiting to be discovered and helped. They will be discovered, trained and guided. They will be encouraged to learn and develop new skills.

Regarding our organizations, we want to;

-Develop our staff’s digital skills

-Develop our staff’s communication and collaboration skills

-Widen our network

-Gaining more respect from our communities


Each partner will make a field scan and exploration to find out who are enthusiastic but having disadvantages in terms of

acquiring digital skills. We will have our lists of potential learners and train them and create new digital geniuses

-3 LTT activities will be done to create new experts – Basic Digital Skills, Apps for Android and Web 2.0 Tools


All partners will disseminate the project results through social media, local and international press

Project Output “Video Bank”


-Trained and employed young people who have difficulties and obstacles initially

-New app developers

-More digitally qualified disadvantaged young people

-More qualified people for labor market

-Inclusion of young people having geographical, economic or ethnic problems

-More experienced staff and volunteers in our organizations

-More youth workers having self esteem and confidence in digital fields

-Equal chance for everyone

-New digital materials