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  • DAS

    Digital Age Skills - Skills in demand for the jobs of the future

  • 2021-1-TR01-KA210-VET-000030130

  • 01/02/2022 - 01/08/2023

Project info

  • erasmusplus

  • Action Ka210

  • Call 2021

  • CEN

Project Description:

Since DAS is a transnational project with different partners and it concerns various stakeholders its objectives and expected results and outcomes should analysed at different levels; namely its main target group, employers, project consortium and partners and European level. Main target group (displaced women employees) As it is explained below, DAS is addressing female employees with low-skills employed or displaced due to the current economic problems. For this reason, the main aim of this project consortium is to develop a free toolkit which will be guidance for these employees.

This toolkit will include the best practices and knowledge of consortium members regarding reskilling and upskilling issues in order to unleash the employees’ potentials. Concerning the emerging jobs because of the current socioeconomic shifts across the entire world, this will also help them to be able to adapt to the Labour Markets needs by reskilling and upskilling with the skills in increasing demand and becoming more resilient. For Employers; Human capital which provides competitive advantages is the remarkable core of the companies. Employees better equipped with the necessary skills of the Digital Age will help these companies adopt new technologies and create broader and long-term values for their benefit. So that employers and business leaders will have strengthened insight concerning reskilling and upskilling their employers.

For participating organizations; Established by transnational partners with different background and with less knowledge and/or experience regarding EU projects, DAS will increase their capacity to operate jointly at transnational level and improve internationalization of their activities as well. DAS will also provide opportunities to deal with aforesaid issues through exchanging and sharing ideas and best practices as well as developing a toolkit. Moreover, partner organizations will be able to have a better understanding of planning and managing a project at the European level and improve their networking skills. European level; Main target group of DAS is low-skilled women employees displaced due to automation technology and severe effects of COVID-19. DAS will promote employees to be better equipped with the skills in demand so that they may be more resilient and more confident during the transition period. Moreover, since developing and enhancing human potential is one of the key drivers of successful economies, this approach will contribute sustainable socioeconomic growth of European countries. Lastly, selecting female employees as the target group of this project will provide to bridge the gender gap and increase the income equality within the World of Labour.